Turning the Tables - To break out from the cycle of prostitution one needs courage and strength.

To stay out for good one needs to create something new.


Turning the Tables serves women exiting life in prostitution regardless of age, origin, birth-gender or religion. Our mission is to provide the participants with vocational training, to build self-worth and to achieve livelihood possibilities, as well as to mainstream the issues of personal damage caused to women in prostitution and the moral damage caused to society by the very existence of prostitution.


Turning the Tables is a feminist organization and the first organization in Israel dedicated to vocational training and economic empowerment of women who break away from life in prostitution. Turning the Tables is comitted to promote optimism, creativity and confidence into the lives of women who starts their journey of new possibilities. The organization is active in Tel Aviv, Israel, since 2011 and serves aproximately 400 women every year.