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a future

Our Mission

Turning the Tables generates personal and social change by providing women exiting the cycle of prostitution with vocational training, practical life skills, therapeutic care, financial and legal guidance and accompaniment and livelihood opportunities, all while mainstreaming awareness to the personal damage caused to women in prostitution and the moral damage caused to society by the very existence of prostitution.


What we do



Multy diciplinary

aid center

The first of its kind in Israel, the Maya Center is an all-inclusive center for women who are in the process of exiting prostitution. With centers in Tel Aviv and Haifa, women come to receive a range of services, from education and exercise of rights related to social security, housing, health and welfare, to therapeutic support, including psychiatric diagnostic services, psychotherapy, and motherhood counseling, to legal guidance and accompaniment to government offices, hospitals and police. Women are provided these services in a safe, non-judgmental, holding space.


Yotsrot Atid

Rehabilitative fashion school

Yotsrot Atid (יוצרות עתיד, meaning ‘women creating the future’) is the only comprehensive rehabilitative program in Israel that provides combined vocational training and activities and psycho-social care to women exiting prostitution. Our longest-standing program, Yotsrot Atid is a rehabilitative fashion school, offers vocational training, employment guidance and training, and unique work opportunities. The program, which has served thousands of women in the last decade, serves as a bridge from the world of prostitution to the world of further education and employment.


Absolution First

Debts and economical rehabilitation

This new and unique program supports up to 50 women per year, ages 18 and up, living across Israel, who wish the exit the cycle of prostitution but stay there due to financial debt and lack of sufficient legal and emotional support. This is the only all-inclusive program in Israel providing

financial and legal guidance and full accompaniment through the process of declaring and solving insolvency for women in severe financial debt, along with therapeutic support to ensure that women are prepared to enter mainstream society - many for the first time as adults - with the knowledge, skills, and drive to take charge of their financial and emotional health. The program operates in direct partnership with the Ministry of Justice.

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will.

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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Phone: +972 54 4949832

Registered Charity: 580549905

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