Our activity is based on professional and personal interaction as we value women giving power to other women as essential in the rehabilitation process. When it works, the power giving is completely mutual. Designer, seamstress, craftswomen - we need mentors to work individually with advanced participants in the designing process (should be experienced in designing), seamstresses and pattern makers.


  1. Coachers – for individual process of economic empowerment

  2. One time workshops - in different kinds of creation

  3. Host a sale - get 10 friends (OK, you can get 20) to order our T-shirts or other products together. It will be a great support in us and will save each one of you the costs of individual shipping. Large groups of 50 persons and up, like companies, schools or shuls, can get special offers and personalized graphics. pleas email us studio@yotsrot.org regarding these options and other

  4. Spread the word