Target Group


Turning the Tables is serving women rehabilitating from life in prostitution and sex traffic. Ages of participants range from 20 to 68 and birth-gender or religion. Among the women now in rehabilitation are both Israeli women and women who have been trafficked to Israel.


Research shows that more than 95% of women in the sex trade have been subjected to sexual abuse
in their childhood. The average age of entering life in prostitution is between 12-17.
Most of the women in prostitution end up using drugs and substances on a daily basis to be able to cope with the pain, and consequently with the dissociation needed to remain in prostitution. 


These data reinforce the notion that women do not choose prostitution but are trapped into this mode
of survival, compounded by a state of emotional and social alienation. Thus, the process of rehabilitating women in prostitution requires attention in addressing unique problems resulting from years of mental and physical abuse, such as severe low self-esteem, difficulties in interpersonal communication and personal trust, difficulty to express wishes and ambitions, feelings of shame and lack of social and professional skills needed for today's workforce.