Vocational Training 

The studio offers a full week training program composed of courses in different fields of fashion, such as sewing, design, cutting, pattern making, sales, and more. The program mostly instructed by volunteer professionals, designers, seamstresses, business mentors and others. Vocational training is the 'gate' through which participants engage the organization's help system, and is available on different levels of intensity that address individual needs and availability.


The training program is based on few ground principals: 


  1. Constant encouragement to stay, to succeed, and to never give up – mentors and staff members are committed to strengthen participant's sense of ability and confidence.  
  2. Never ending support – as the participant evolves professionally, emotionally and economically, the organization's support evolve with her. The journey out of prostitution is long and hard and requires... 
  3. Cycle progress, not linear – we never give-up on a women and containing the progress and regress periods as an expected part of rehabilitating and departure from life in prostitution.